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2019 Jaguar XF 25t (250 HP) TEST DRIVE

GoPro: https://amzn.to/3eL7AdF
Camcorder: https://amzn.to/3cCB37o
Jaguar XF 1/43: https://amzn.to/2Wpt0V1

2019 Jaguar XF 25t
184 kW / 250 HP
8-Speed Automatic
Interior \u0026 Cockpit Design
Exterior Design
Driving \u0026 Sound / POV
Light Night Design
Computer \u0026 Entertaiment on Board
Fuel Consumption 100-200 km/h
Acceleration 0-230 km/h
Top Speed German Autobahn
Flat Road Top Speed 240-245 km/h
Downhill 250 km/h
jgh548 : Engine sounds awful
The Equinox : Does this Ingenium 2.0T engine have anything to do with the former Ford platforms or is it a new engine made by Jag? What can you say about it regarding the power and reliability? Thx for the video. :)
Sabah Mansour' ashes : I thought the 2019 had a black grill
Nasreen Sultana : Is model available in india
Kamal Kheri1234 : Disel variant????
Funky Monk : The Jaaaag!
Flättere Din Vater : getriebe richtig lange übersetzt irgendwie
Isaiah Deshazier : Good Video Bro!
Mind HunTer : I thought the 2019 jaguars doesn't have the shift knob
TheFunkyair : Great verdict again vielen dank
Suprisingly quite but transmission kills everything

2019 Jaguar XF S Review // Love it!

The 2019 Jaguar XF S offers 380hp, All Wheel Drive, and an array of luxury goodies, plus it's a real head turner! Is it the right car for you and your growing family? Watch and see!


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Thanks for watching!

#FamilyWheels #Jaguar #Review
btp589 : $65k for that???
Ofer Nitzan : I have the same car and same as you I am not very fond of the start stop system,But in response to you saying it starts again by itself I have looked around for WHY this happens and I will share it with you,The reason it starts independently is because your engine has the AC on and the car temperature is high or perhaps the battery needs some charge any of these will make the car computer restart the engine by itself.
I hope this helps!
JagFan Hilton : Mine is a 2.0l turbo and it's heavy on juice as well. Don't like that it has cheaper materials inside than the previous gen. My old XF was a better car all-round
mac daddy : I am a fan of Jaguar but there is just no reason for me to buy this car. It's boring.
Paul Laurance : It's Jag-you-ar, NOT, NOT Jagwar. FFS.
Braga : 18.5 miles, that’s not great that’s terrible!
rogerthat : It turns on with change in pressure on the brake pedal as it's supposed to, IMO. Auto start/stop also turns the engine on automatically if you are using heater or A/C and the car thinks that it needs that extra power.
Patrick MacDonald : XF Sportbrake or V90 R-Sport is what I'm down between. I kinda want to go with the Jag and put the F type v6 exhaust on it. Go look up some videos of how they sound, incredible. Nice work Scott, keep it up.
Michal Klucz : Love this review. For me, Jag XF is a sporty limo, and not a sport but well-made car. Thus all these BHP are rather for effortless acceleration than for sporty punch in your back. Just like you mention. I can survive this HVAC button control, as you usually change your temp by a degree or two, so it's two clicks away. However, I can't stand that you don't have physical buttons for seat heating and cooling. this is something that you will change during the driving so you really don't want to look for this option in the menu.
Stephen Hendricks : Scott, all "start/stop" systems are not the same. For example, some automatically shut down most or all systems (other than headlights and the radio, I presume) that draw battery power when the system is engaged. Thus, the common complaint that the HVAC is turned off when the start/stop system turns off the engine. My VW GTI (and I suspect the Jaguar) doesn't do that. Instead, the ECU monitors the battery drain and restarts the engine automatically when it senses the draw exceeds a particular threshold. The HVAC and fan continue to operate normally even when the engine is turned off.

I was puzzled by that behavior at first, especially when I noticed it occurred more frequently in cold weather and less frequently when I turned off the AC. But I soon became accustomed to it when I realized what was going on. In fact, I found that one of the screens in the instrument cluster reports that the start/stop system has been restarted due to the power requirements. If you check the equivalent of my GTI's "vehicle status" screen in the Jaguar you may find the same notification.

Start/Stop systems draw a lot of criticism but I like the one in my GTI. It has a very minor impact on overall mileage. (Though it apparently has a greater impact on CAFE scores which probably account for manufacturers' rush to include them.) But apart from the fuel efficiency effect I appreciate the fact that when I sitting in line at Starbuck's I've reduced my carbon footprint a tiny bit. And my barista has even commented that she appreciates the fact that I've turned off my engine as I wait for my drink so she doesn't have to breathe exhaust fumes. (She's cute and I rather enjoy pleasing her even though I'm old enough to be her grandfather.... :) ) And since I don't have to bear much if any penalty when the system is engaged and the engine restarts virtually instantaneously and smoothly when I move my foot off the brake and before I touch the accelerator, there's no penalty in that case, either.

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Loly Lol : 링컨도 리뷰 부탁드려요~그중에 에비에이터요
신승빈 : 신차 뽑아서 일년넘게 타고 있는데 안불편한데?? 왜그러시지 휠도 안 긁어 먹지도 않았고요 ㅎㅎ 주차할때 굳이 그렇게 불편하지도 않고 사이드미러도 보기에 안불편 하던데... 재규어 까시려고 나오셨나??
도쿄리 : 이쁘고 희소성이외에는 없다라고 하는데 사실 재규어 랜드로버 오너가 이쁘고 희소성있다는걸 가치로 구매한거지 설마 실용성을 따졌을까?ㅎ
김화영 : 4년째 잘타고있습니다
김형섭 : 뽑기운이 너무 심한차 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 주변 사람 두명이 3개월차이로 같은모델 디젤을 뽑았는데 한명은 두달에 한번은 센터들어가서 하나씩 고쳐오고 다른 한명은 3년째 센터 한번감 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 차 자체는 보거나 탈때마다 이쁘고 괜찮다고생각함
ah hungry : 마세라티처럼 1-2년된 신형차 중고로 사기엔 최고의 가성비
Miguel Jo : 규어 리뷰 잘보고 갑니다
1 1 : 굿굿good
제트마징가 : 광고존나게많네돈많이벌어라까는수준하곤
old street : 프로불편러네ㅋㅋㅋ까는기준이 명확한게 아니라 그냥 지 마음이네ㅋㅋㅋ그런식이면 이세상에 좋은차가 있긴하냐?하여간 불평도많고 불만만 가득해서는..안타깝네요..




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